Privat pilot

Virtual training – Thoughts are the most powerful force

Privat pilot

Causes, effects and complex dependencies are simply and graphically explained with the help of 3D animation so that later such extreme situations can be intuitively handled by pilots.

How Does the Brain Learn Best?

In contrast to rational learning, only knowledge which has been subconsciously memorized by visual learning can be called up in extreme situations. A fact which gains importance in flying, when life-threatening situations suddenly demand active handling by the pilot.

Dive into real emergency situations – only swapping experience creates certainty

You develop confidence in your actions in the cockpit through the degree of reality which isn’t possible or is very limited in real training.

A variety of pilot training courses have confirmed the successfulness of ProPilots in flight simulators; where they have been confronted with emergency situations and unerringly handled them although they hadn’t had any previous practical flight training but had trained with the ProPilots software.

See for yourself!