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The Helicopter Association International (HAI) reports that almost all flying accidents in the HEMS area could have been avoided. It was also established in connection with this that 76% of all flying accidents are a direct result of pilot error. Including HEMS crew members as second pilots is an elementary building block for avoiding a high accident rate. The ProPilots HEMS Concept does not stipulate that all HEMS are to be trained as pilots.

But what would it be like when the flight operator was in a position to train their HEMS crews in such a way that they can call up the same specialist knowledge in emergency procedures as their pilots? Or if the HEMS crews could have such targeted preparation that they can pass on important information or tips to the pilot to fend off a flying accident?

Innovative training with the help of 3D technology

The HEMS crew member can dive straight into all possible emergency situations: graphically and tangibly with the help of 3D technology and familiarise himself with them just like a pilot. The optimum behaviour for individual emergency situations is visually shown, step by step and it can be repeated at any time. Everyone is in the position to gain confidence in handling extreme situations from the recurrent training modules and can intuitively apply this in the cockpit.

Furthermore special training documents, videos of simulator scenes, documentation, procedure instructions or even targeted “call outs “can be included in the HEMS training in order to reach a better coordination of the specialist knowledge gained. A vital advantage when every second counts to fend off danger to life and limb.

Proactive safety management system for your employees

Possible deficits for both parties; HEMS crew members and responsibles are only visible with knowledge evaluation with the help of safety tests. This enables targeted further training to be provided which is optimally tailored to the needs of the HEMS and their fields of activity.

The aim of training is clear: to aim for greater flight safety in HEMS flying operations for the deployed HEMS crew members and all others involved.

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