Flight school

Your customers receive unlimited training worldwide

Flight school

Web-based training is possible for your customers worldwide, 24 hours a day on all conventional devices (iPad, tablets, laptops, PC). Your customer determines his own learning atmosphere himself and can adjust his training intervals to suit his individual needs.

Innovative 3D technology for "brain compatible" learning

Using innovative 3D technology not only simplifies the illustration of complex topics but also makes solving difficult and sometimes in part complicated dependencies in relation to the incidences which have occurred. Further criteria: the training or training content quality remains constantly high and is no longer, as it once was, dependent upon the trainer.

Start flight training from home

Furthermore the customer can, in agreement with your trainers, best prepare for training flights and check flights. Consequently, greater learning success for trainees/customers is developed and the potential danger for your employees is simultaneously reduced.

In addition your customers‘ knowledge can be deepened through the inclusion of your own training and test documents leading to increased safety.

The integrated text message function supervises your customers‘ training in the form of a traffic light and indicates possible deficits which can be eliminated with you. This leads to important synergy effects between the customer and flying school which results in a significantly higher customer loyalty.

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