Flight operation

Training has to be available everywhere and at any time

Flight operation

Aviation relevant information is to help prevent future disasters, with targeted training. This approach is practicable with the pro-active safety management from ProPilots.

All the training processes are online and thus can be called up in every place and at any time so that your deployed staff are best prepared for upcoming jobs with the help of e-learning in 3D technology, safety tests and the resulting evaluations, especially for critical flying phases.

Your flight operations are completely illustrated – resulting in 100% flying safety

All your company’s operating areas can be 100% illustrated by you, whether winter flying, dangerous goods, external cargo, night flying with NVIS, IFR, VIP, Offshore or police special procedures with protection forces. Simply put, you can illustrate every operating area you want.

Furthermore your own internal training and test documents, whether videos, images, presentations or corresponding safety messages are included, targeted towards the test and sent to your deployed staff. The training intervals are monitored in the form of a traffic light system and steered autonomously by email.

Knowledge can only be measured by “Knowledge Management“

The test results reached by your staff are documented and supplemented with a weak point analysis. Possible deficits for both parties: pilots and responsibles are only made visible through the evaluation of every individual’s knowledge with the help of the safety tests. This enables targeted further training to be provided which is optimally tailored to the needs of the crews and their fields of activity.

Advantages of "Knowledge Management”:

  • Continuous knowledge development
  • Alternation between theory and practical experience
  • Long-term observation
  • Permanent success controlling
  • Application of multimedia learning materials (image, video, documents, presentations)
  • Centralised steering for all training measures
  • Structured selection and adaption to the area of responsibility for individual staff
  • Own learning atmosphere for effective learning
  • Targeted knowledge and skill building

The complete documentation shows authorities as well as third parties the recurrent training and testing for individual employees, openly and transparently.

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